Security policy

Establishment: June 25, 2020
Last Revision Date: August 7, 2023
Protean Studios Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the importance of proper management and measures concerning information. We have formulated an "Information Security Policy" and are committed to exerting our full efforts in maintaining information security.
1. Information Security Management System
We are dedicated to safeguarding all information assets held by our company and are committed to maintaining and enhancing information security.
2. Proper Management of Information Assets
We classify and assess risks from the perspectives of confidentiality, integrity, and availability for the information assets we hold. We manage these assets appropriately based on their associated risks. This approach enables us to adequately protect critical information and implement suitable measures to minimize risks. Through proper management of information assets, we aim to enhance trust among customers and stakeholders, while emphasizing the provision of a safer environment.
3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
We adhere to the laws and regulations concerning information security, as well as other guidelines. This enables us to meet legal requirements and implement appropriate security measures, thus minimizing risks such as information leaks and unauthorized access. By complying with legal requirements and industry standards related to information security, we provide reliable services to customers and stakeholders while ensuring the protection and security of information.
4. Continuous Improvement of Information Security Management
To prevent information security incidents, we conduct external system audits at least once a year for all systems that are of high importance and accessible from external sources, as well as systems that involve the retention of personal information or billing functions.

Furthermore, we perform system audits when releasing new services or updates. This approach allows us to identify security vulnerabilities early and take appropriate measures to safeguard customer information, ensuring the provision of a secure service. We consider information security a critical aspect and are dedicated to implementing the latest security measures at all times.
5. Security Education for Employees
We actively promote security education among our employees. We have established a dedicated section on our internal intranet, where we share security information and conduct awareness activities. Additionally, we publish comics that explain the importance of security in an easy-to-understand manner, aiming to raise awareness among all employees from various perspectives.

Through these efforts, we aim to enhance employees' security awareness and further improve their understanding and consciousness of information security. Deepening their understanding of information security enables us to better protect customer and company information, and maintain a high level of safety.
Protean Studios Co., Ltd.
Founder and CEO, Tony Hoang