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Protean Studios: Looking back on a remarkable year in 2023

Looking back in special events in 2023
Looking back in special events in 2023

Looking back at 2023, it was a year filled with enthusiasm and success for Protean Studios (PROS). We not only experienced special events but also achieved significant milestones.

These lay the foundation for our 2025 vision: “to become the No. 1 marketing technology outsourcing company.”.

  • PROS demonstrated its strength and reputation in the past year by Joining VINASA and Key International Economic Forums. This unique presence not only helped us expand our network but also showcased PROS's commitment to fostering trade relations between Vietnam and Japan. This is a crucial step for our sustainable development in the global market as well as our collaboration internationally.

  • Not stopping at international events, PROS expanded its offices and branches, enhancing its presence across territories. This helped us create new business opportunities and marked our commitment to serving customers professionally and efficiently.

  • PROS's active participation in the Martech Vietnam organization is an essential part of this successful journey. Becoming an active member of this organization not only helps us access the latest trends in the Martech industry but also strengthens PROS's influence and credibility in the business and marketing community. If you want to know more about MarTech industry, please follow us on Linkedin: Protean Studios Fanpage

Looking back at the achievements and highlights of 2023, PROS has laid the groundwork for even stronger growth in the future. With the 2025 vision in mind, we are determined to become the No. 1 marketing technology outsourcing company. Diversity in operations, strong partner relationships, and a commitment to continuous innovation will continue to help us achieve this ambitious goal.

We are proud of the achievements and events that PROS has achieved in 2023 and are ready for new challenges and opportunities in 2024.